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At Pain Free Health Clinic, located in Morgan Crossing of South Surrey and Hamilton Village in Richmond – we pride ourselves on working closely with our patients, accurately diagnosing the source of their discomfort to make sure our patients receive the utmost care and treatment that is best suited to their condition.

Gluteus Minimus Muscle


Gluteus Minimus Muscle "Pseudo-Sciatica" REFERRED PAIN The referred pain from trigger points (TrPs) in the anterior part of the gluteus minimus muscle extends over the lower lateral buttock, down the lateral

Falls Prevention Clinic


Why do falls happen? Medical Conditions- Parkinson’s, Stroke, Hypotension, Arrhythmia, Eye disease, Neuropathy, RA, Vestibular issues, Dementia (lack of cognition/alertness and poor decision making) Musculoskeletal- Muscle pain, joint pain Medications- Sedatives,

Cervicogenic Headaches


Chronic headaches or migraines largely occur due to issues in the small area where its the transitional point between the skull and spine. Manual therapy has shown to help reduce symptoms and

Focus On Shin Splints


Focus On Shin Splints What is it? Medically known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, shin splints is a term used to refer to pain along the inside of the tibia or

Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain


For the treatment of lower back pain, physiotherapy is a useful choice. Through a variety of exercises and techniques, it focuses on enhancing mobility, strength, and function. The following are some

How Does Acupuncture Work?


How Does Acupuncture Work? Of course, it is difficult to scientifically explain the effect of traditional healing methods. But there are many investigations and studies on the subject of acupuncture that