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Chiropractor Surrey

Best Chiropractic Treatment in Surrey & Richmond, BC

Chiropractic treatment is applied for you within the chiropractor South Surrey clinic. With the developing health technologies, non-surgical treatments have also become possible. This application by Chiropractor aims to improve in a short time. Health problems are diagnosed and an implementation plan is targeted according to these problems.

You can definitely contact us in the Surrey, Richmond and BC areas. You will get much more positive results with professional doctors. Painless treatment is now possible.

While many enjoy their regular chiropractic adjustments, some may be intimidated booking their initial visit. Our goal at Pain Free Health Clinic is not only fixing the discomfort you’re facing, but to thoroughly answer any questions along the way. We believe educating you on why you’re in pain is just as essential as relieving your pain.

At Pain Free Health Clinic, we’re committed to providing the best evidence based chiropractic treatments to all our clients. In short term, we focus on alleviating your pain and inflammation with a wide variety of techniques and tools. In long term, we focus on posture education and generating awareness.

Best Chiropractor in Surrey

We provide the best chiropractor in South Surrey service. So, what is chiropractic? Sometimes medical intervention is not enough for problems related to the musculoskeletal system. In these cases, chiropractor is methods are used. The employees in our clinic are certified chiropractic is a doctor. The applied chirotherapy treatment consists of methods that treat pain in various parts of the body. During chiro treatment, mostly the manual treatment method is used. The aim of this treatment is to provide the body to work properly and to heal itself. When the tissues are processed correctly, the pain in the body will decrease. For this reason, back and low back pain, joint pain, neck and shoulder pain are often treated. pain chiropractic is one of our working areas.

Treatments at the chiropractic Richmond and chiropractic Surrey branches have helped many people recover.

If the spinal region is not moving correctly, tension and friction will increase, resulting in additional stress to the spinal joints and supporting structures. The majority of people think “the pain will just go away on its own” if given time. If you’re sitting in the same position 5 days a week, 8~10 hours a day, this causes a lot of static pressure to develop in the areas of your neck or lower back. The more frequent and the longer that we ignore symptoms like pain and stiffness, the more likely we are going to end up with wear and tear to the spinal regions, resulting in osteoarthritis.

People are less likely to lead an active lifestyle if they have large amounts of spinal wear and tear in their neck or lower backs. The less you actively move, the more pressure that increase at the involved spinal regions. Our “spinal joints” respond better to movement, this allows for lubrication of the joints and allows the body to naturally dissipate tension in these areas. Restoring motion to the spine and body is essential in leading a healthy, active lifestyle and directly impacts everyday activities. Ensure you make your spine a priority and get it checked!

What To Expect

Our Treatments

At Pain Free Health Clinic, we’re musculoskeletal (MSK) experts that utilize a variety of techniques for patients who are in acute or chronic pain. The initial visit depending on the injury or condition, can last from 45 to 60 minutes. The first visit aims to identify the cause of the problem and to conceive a proposed plan of management. Dr. Parm Bisla is extensively trained to assess, diagnose, manage and prevent reoccurrence of conditions while specifically addressing your goals and necessities.

Your first appointment includes a comprehensive assessment to help determine the cause of the problem and how to treat it. To do so, expect questions regarding the following areas of your health:

  • Personal and family medical history
  • Major illnesses you have experienced
  • Surgeries or operations you have had
  • Medications you are taking
  • A description of your area(s) of concern
  • A description of the general state of your health
  • The steps you have taken to manage your condition
  • Your diet and exercise
  • Your sleeping habits
  • Your daily activities
  • Your work routine
  • Your stress level
  • Your home life

Where is Chiropractic Surrey Treatment Used?

The treatment performed at the Chiropractic Surrey clinic is applied to various parts of the body. In addition, doctor of chiropractic helps for various diseases and complaints. Treatments according to the chiro method can be applied for the following conditions:

  • Pain in the neck and nape
  • Pain in the lumbar region
  • Arm and shoulder pain
  • Thigh and hip pain

And in many other regions, chiropractic therapy may be preferred. Scientifically proven treatment method is also applied to patients in South Surrey chiropractor and other branches. Rest assured that treatment with Chiropractic South Surrey will be painless. This treatment with a machine ensures the stimulation of the tissues and the proper functioning of the body.

How is Chiropractic Care Applied?

Before chiropractic care, the patient is checked by the doctor. After this check in the chiropractic clinic, the treatment method is determined. This determination is based on the patient’s problems. Accordingly, according to the patient’s complaint, the following treatment methods are applied. Treatment with Chiropractor Dr. Parm Bisla involves spinal and soft tissue manipulation in an attempt to restore normal movement to the area. The goal of treatment is to provide proper alignment to the spine and the musculoskeletal system, which will promote healing throughout the whole body. A Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Parm Bisla in Surrey clinic uses a combination of the following techniques to restore function to an area.

Spinal Manipulation

A spinal adjustment is performed when an area of the spine is slightly misaligned and/or not performing its normal range of motion. An adjustment can be performed with a hand held device called the ArthroStim which will deliver light repetitive thrusts to restore the spinal alignment. The chiropractic spinal adjustment can also be delivered manually by hand, where a light pressure is applied to the spine and the impulse restores normal spinal motion. Restoring healthy movement to the spine is key in alleviating tension, irritation and pain to spinal regions.

Chiropractor spinal alignment: treatment is applied to the neck and back joints along the spine with the help of the hands.

Chiropractic adjustments: Accurate alignment of joints with various touches is ensured. A healthy life chiropractic for treatment is required.


The VibraCussor is a hand-held vibration device that feels like a deep tissue massage, but penetrates deep within the bodily tissues. It helps loosen tissues such as the joints, muscles, fascia or the lining around the muscles. In addition, the device helps to reduce lymphatic pressure and scar tissue. This technology is much different from traditional massage. Massage uses side to side motions to address surface tension, while the VibraCussor uses an up and down pattern of movement that goes deep into the tissues, penetrating through the joints, muscles and fascia. This device loosens the tissue and allows for deeper blood flow into these regions.

The muscle fascia is often overlooked but it is essential for keeping the body structure strong. Under stress, this tissue becomes tense and rigid. The VibraCussor helps to pump fluid and nutrients into the muscles and fascia, in order to restore proper range of motion. In addition, the device benefits the body’s nervous system by improving motion within the body and stimulating fixated joint receptors, allowing them to provide proper movement information to the brain. This mechanism acts to improve posture, enhance breathing and introduce calmness within the body.

VibraCussor therapy is great for long-term usage. Getting this type of therapy done on you on a regular basis will help the body work more efficiently, thus keep you stronger and active longer. Patients who’ve had VibraCussor therapy describes having improvements in mental and emotional stability. They also report having better breathing, decrease in pain and additional energy.


The ArthroStim is a handheld instrument that aids Dr. Parm Bisla in performing adjustments to both spinal joints and other soft tissues. This powerful tool delivers 12~14 incremental thrusts per second, making it much stronger and faster than a typical single thrust administered by a chiropractor. This is frequently known as the “low beta somatomotor rhythm”. 12 hertz is the same wave length as alpha brain waves. Alpha waves appear when you are still awake, but in a state of relaxed and effortless alertness. Alpha waves are associated with relaxation, meditation and daydreaming. More importantly, the alpha state is associated with creativity, super learning, and “being in the zone”.

Many of the best professional athletes often function from alpha in their biggest games, totally unfazed by critical situations and coming up with one spectacular play after another. Navy SEALS train to function in alpha on missions so that stress and danger do not compromise their decision making. By dividing the energy of a single thrust into rapid successive inputs, the ArthroStim instrument modulates the force your physician applies in treatment, but in a much more comfortable and effective manner.

Arthrostim and Vibracussor treatments: These treatments are applied to various parts of the body. Soft tissue release is provided with the help of a tool. In this way, the patient relaxes and gets away from the pain.

ART chiropractic

In this form of treatment, a painless recovery process is provided for the patient. The active release technique (ART) is generally similar to stretching movements. When deemed appropriate, treatment tools can also be used. Active release therapy is always one of the best treatment methods for you, and you can contact us at active release therapy near me.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are applied to patients at the chiropractor Surrey BC clinic. Thanks to these exercises, spinal manipulation takes place and the patient recovers with the right treatment method.

Treatments at Richmond chiropractic center and other branches always produce the best results. These treatments, which do not require surgery, are completed painlessly in a short time. Patients recover in a short time. These treatments are among the best treatments in recent times. You can contact us as best chiropractor near me. Do not forget to contact for more information about treatment methods.

Chiropractor Surrey Near Me

As the chiropractor South Surrey near me clinic, we help you in the treatment phase. You may feel aches and pains throughout the day. Or you can have an accident anywhere. After such events, the body will feel pain in those areas. Sometimes this pain becomes unbearable. For this reason, people seek a cure. However, many people today are undergoing surgery or medication. There is now a solution to this. Non-surgical and drug-free solutions are available at Richmond chiro and other branches. You can find us if you search for chiro near me. We offer you treatment opportunities in many areas.

White Rock chiropractor determines many treatment methods for you. He will talk to you to analyze your illness. It is very important for treatment that you give correct answers to the questions that will be asked of you. Among these treatment methods, there is also today’s technology. Using the best tools of technology, our doctor offers his patients a painless treatment. As chiropractor near me, we always have the best treatment methods. For this reason, you can contact us for your inconveniences.

Family Chiropractic Surrey

As family chiropractic, we serve you. If you are looking for non-surgical solutions for joint and muscle problems in your family, you can contact us. These short-term treatment methods are determined according to your pain condition. Although sometimes only exercise is applied, sometimes treatment can be applied with tools. You can access photos of these treatment methods on the website. These methods, which do not feel any pain, have been used for a long time. White Rock chiropractor specializing in his field will support you in every way.

If you have any concerns or fears about treatment, you can consult your doctor. Contact numbers are always shared with you. These treatment methods, which have been used for years, become more professional with us. You can also get rid of joint and muscle pain with treatment. Do not forget to get information about your other pains.

We have treatment for many diseases such as joint and muscle pain. If you are experiencing such diseases, you should definitely get information by contacting us. Our certified and expert doctors always apply the best treatment for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Are chiropractors worth it?2022-11-29T10:58:12+00:00

Chiropractors will make you feel reborn with their treatments. It is definitely worth doing these treatments and the person who has the treatment feels perfect. You can easily consult chiropractors for the joint pain and posture disorders you experience.

Can a chiropractor help with posture?2022-11-29T10:57:59+00:00

Posture disorders generally occur on the joints. People with deterioration in bone structure also have problems with posture disorder. Chiropractors, who are experts in bones and joints, help people in these matters. It is possible to get rid of posture disorder as a reliable treatment.

Can a chiropractor help sciatica?2022-11-29T10:57:38+00:00

Sciatica is a disease that can be treated when the right techniques are used. Chiropractors are people who are experts in these techniques. You can be examined by chiropractors for the sciatic diseases you experience. After this examination, the techniques that should be applied to you will be determined.

Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?2022-11-29T10:57:18+00:00

Chiropractor can treat pinched nerves on the body. These nerves, which have a special treatment stage, heal in a short time with the right techniques. People with congested nerves on their body can reliably be examined and treated by chiropractors.

When to see a chiropractor?2022-11-29T10:56:59+00:00

People should see a chiropractor for any joint and body pain they feel. Chiropractors will find natural ways to treat many of these pains. In this way, the pain in your joints will go away and you will feel much better. Remember to go to chiropractors whenever you have joint pain.

Is a chiropractor a medical doctor?2022-11-29T10:56:42+00:00

The chiropractor does not have to be a medical professional. People who are trained and are experts in this field can apply these treatments. This form of treatment, which has been going on for years, is an easy form of treatment after training. For this reason, those who will apply the treatment do not have to be a medical doctor.

Do chiropractors actually help?2022-11-29T10:56:13+00:00

Chiropractors really help during the treatment phase. With their treatment, you will feel better in a short time. These techniques, which have been applied for many years, are also accepted in medicine. In this way, you will have both a reliable and real treatment.

Are chiropractors safe?2022-11-29T10:55:56+00:00

Chiropractors are people who are extremely safe. These people, who are experts in their fields, do their treatments according to the education they receive. This ensures that no one is harmed. The treatments you will be here are made entirely naturally.

What is a chiropractor, who is a chiropractor?2022-11-29T10:55:39+00:00

Chiropractic is a form of treatment with hand applications. This method, which is completely drug-free and non-surgical, makes people feel good in a short time.

A chiropractor is the specialist doctors who apply this treatment. These doctors will notice your discomfort and will make an intervention accordingly.

What does a chiropractor do?2022-11-29T10:55:20+00:00

Chiropractor is a treatment method that is effective on neck, head and many other pains. The main purpose of this treatment is to treat the hand that has lost its function. However, people can still have many areas on their bodies treated. Chiropractors are people with expertise in this field of treatment.

    Let’s get you fixed up.

    Your current discomfort may stem from other problematic areas of your body. Instead of learning to tolerate the pain, why don’t we work towards eliminating it?