Why do falls happen?

Medical Conditions- Parkinson’s, Stroke, Hypotension, Arrhythmia, Eye disease, Neuropathy,
RA, Vestibular issues, Dementia (lack of cognition/alertness and poor decision making)
Musculoskeletal- Muscle pain, joint pain
Medications- Sedatives, Anti-hypertensives, anti-depressants
Balance Issues- static balance, dynamic balance, walking

How to prevent/reduce falls?

Identify the issue!

  • Underlying medical condition (parkinson’s, RA, stroke, Dementia, hypotension, heart issues)
  • Environmental (home set up, poor choice of walking aid, poor footwear
  • Balance (medical condition, lack of confidence, lack of exposure)
  • Pain (muscle, joint)-> lack of use-> lack of exposure-> loss ability (walk, stand)
  • Weakness (general weakness due to lack of use as a result of above factors

How to can We help?

We Identify the issue that is leading to falls!!!
What is the issue?

  • Underlying medical condition (identify condition and find ways to treat around it)
  • Environmental (In-home assessment allows us to scan your environment and assess your
  • Balance (BERG balance test allows us to see which movements impact/challenge)
  • Pain (muscle, joint)-> Hands on treatments to decrease inflammation and pain to allow for
  • Weakness (strengthening as tolerated while watching muscle and heart function)

Putting a Number to Your Balance

Our objective is to quantify your physical fitness level and proactively engage your body in activities that promote strength, mobility, and functionality to prevent future weakness, disuse, and immobility. Our approach aims to prevent such conditions from occurring before they become irreversible!

Our mission is to help you maintain your physical independence through a tailored program that starts with an assessment of your balance. Based on the results, we design a personalized program that meets your specific needs and supports your ongoing wellbeing.

To ensure the program remains effective, we establish regular touchpoints with a kinesiologist who will visit you twice a month.During these visits, the kinesiologist will check your blood pressure, oxygen levels, and progress in the program.

Every three months, we will reevaluate your progress and adjust the program as needed.

Our goal is to provide you with consistent support and guidance, so you can continue to live independently and achieve your fitness goals. We believe that by proactively engaging your body in activities that promote strength, mobility, and functionality, we can prevent weakness, disuse, and immobility before they occur.