Active Rehab Surrey

Kinesiology and Active Rehabilitation Surrey & Richmond, BC

At our active rehab Surrey BC clinic, we apply kinesiology methods with the best techniques for you. These methods, which are of great importance for human health, are related to human muscle structure. After any accident or pain in the body, kinesiology business methods help you without surgery and medication.

Kinesiology therapy within active rehab is performed by specialist doctors. Registered kinesiologist, who is an expert and certified in the field, determines the best treatment path for you. The treatment we perform in our kinesiology Surrey clinic shows its effect in a short time. Thanks to these techniques used in many parts of the world, many people have regained their health. Call us now and start treatment with our specialist doctors in the field of kinesiology.

Our physiotherapy active rehab Surrey programs consists of individualized and comprehensive treatments paired with one-on-one guided exercises developed by the Registered Kinesiologist. We help patients improve areas of deficiency in their body causing imbalances, thus relieving pain so that they can remain fit, healthy and mobile without medications, injections or surgeries.

For top quality kinesiology therapy and active rehabilitation in Surrey & Richmond area, we are dedicated to providing immediate results. Our dedicated approach and customized programs from highly certified/registered Kinesiologist and Physiotherapists are designed to relieve your pain and help you return to active living as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help you live a better, pain-free life.

Active Rehabilitation is a program through ICBC for individuals recovering from a MVA (motor vehicle accident). Active Rehab services in Surrey are usually covered by ICBC. A doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor can refer clients for Active Rehab for exercise and help with their recovery.

Active Rehabilitation Surrey

The kinesiology treatment performed in our active rehab centre in South Surrey BC is performed between muscle groups. Developed in 1964, this method has been safely applied to patients for years. Many patients have recovered with this technique without surgery or medication. The kinesiology technique is currently considered to be the healthiest healing method.

The energy circulating in the muscles decreases due to daily events or certain traumas. Kinesiology, on the other hand, wants to regain this low energy in certain methods. Subconscious and environmental factors are very important in this sense. Our doctors, who are experts in the field of active rehabilitation, pay attention to all these factors. Their treatment will be shaped according to these factors. An improvement in muscle groups is achieved with massages to muscle groups, orthopedic massages and other methods. The patient immediately feels this healthy improvement. He started to get some relief from his pain. After kinesiology therapy, it is aimed to completely get rid of these pains and to be more energetic.

Our trainers have worked with many patients with specific rehabilitation needs, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Vehicle Accidents

Active Rehab at Pain Free Health Clinic in Surrey, BC

Traumatic experiences such as injuries acquired through an automobile accident, sports injury, or work-related accident can have a devastating physical, financial, and emotional impact on your everyday life. Participation in an Active Rehabilitation Program is highly beneficial to help speed your recovery and get you back to a productive life with no restraints. Research shows that early movement helps reduce pain, improves mood, and helps reduce recovery time.

After recent joint pains and muscle pains, people started to look for non-surgical solutions. At the beginning of these solutions, kinesiology methods come. For this reason, people seek the fields of kinesiology near me. We are the closest kinesiology therapy clinic to you. We provide the same service to you with kinesiology Richmond & Surrey.

After the trainings and certificates, they receive, our specialist doctors apply the right treatment for you. After checking your muscle formation, the most appropriate treatment is analyzed. In this field, all our doctors work together and perform a comprehensive study. The reason for this is that each patient needs special attention. You should accurately describe the area of ​​your pain or discomfort. Because the service provided at the active rehab in Surrey clinic is very comprehensive. Psychological treatment is accompanied by regular exercises and being with the patient. The treatment process of the patient is accelerated by studies such as a dietitian. Because it should not be forgotten that the whole body must act in a healthy way for the resolution of muscle groups. An individual who is not psychologically strong will hardly recover. That’s why our experts in psychological fields are also very strong. Patients who do not eat properly create other problems in the body. Our dietitians help you for this reason.

You should definitely contact active rehab South Surrey for a comprehensive treatment. Within the scope of the services provided to you, you will regain your health in a short time.

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